Jun 04

This morning, we were rushed as usual.  I was rushing to get my lunchbox packed, so I put La La’s shoes on the coffee table and asked her to put them on, fully expecting to have her spend a few minutes futzing around and then when I was done with my lunchbox I would go into the living room and put her shoes on for her.
Well, I got a great surprise when she came into the kitchen wearing one shoe (the right one on the right foot even!) all velcroed closed and everything.  She brought me the left for help opening it so she could put it on.  I opened the velcro and gave it back to her and watched her put it on too.

Such a big girl!

Here’s some photos from the end of the day with La La showing off how strong she is on the trapeeze in the backyard.

eta: server issues, no photo upload right now.

edited again:  lost that photo, so here’s a different one.

La La climbs her wall

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