no deer.

Jun 13

Dear La La,

As we lay down for sleep, you wanted a “mommy minute” before I put you in your crib, like you do most nights.

And like you do most nights, you did your lala-robics where you climb all over the bed and all over me if I let you. Then you snuggle under my arm and move around some more singing little songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or it’s variations: Baa Baa Black Sheep, ABC’s, Rainbow Rain(you made that one up yourself!).

Tonight though, I didn’t recognize the melody of the song you were singing… right away. After a few minutes, I started hearing words poke through the toddler-speak. “…no deer… i love you… take away… mr. sun…” What in the world?

So I kept listening and realized that you were singing “You are my sunshine” in your own little way and it made me squeeze you extra tight and sing along.

You must have learned the song at day care, because I hardly ever sing it, since I only know the chorus and get bored when the song doesn’t change up a bit.

That was about the sweetest end for a day that had some pretty big ups and downs.

Ended up, my baby.

Love, Mummy.

Sleepy La La

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