Nov 27

Today, La La had oatmeal for breakfast.

Eggs, bacon, a half a bagel with cream cheese, and hash browns for lunch.

Two bowls of cheerios and a bowl of corn chex for supper.

It was a breakfast kind of day. Must be a growth spurt coming, because after weeks of having trouble getting her to eat anything, she’s been chowing down all week. Just yesterday she had a huge bowl of spaghetti for lunch and a lot of chicken and two tomatoes for dinner. (We are having Thanksgiving on Sunday. I hope she eats then!)

That and the fact that she was off and running starting at 6AM, even riding her trike in the house until we were dressed before going outside, I don’t know where she gets her energy. We blew bubbles, she climbed her wall and rode her swing, sat on the trapeeze bar with Daddy’s help, climbed some more and rode her trike outside.

And then she wanted to go for a walk.

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