Feb 21

It was a beautiful Saturday.  Mummy had gone to L.A. for the day, leaving La La home with Daddy, who thought it was a good day for the beach.  The previous week had been rainy and cold and La La had been cooped up for a few days at school, so this would give her a chance to run around. 

La La had just rediscovered her ball, a blue super bouncy clear ball, and Daddy thought she would love to bring the ball to the beach too. 

At the beach, La La ran around a lot, tossed the ball back and forth (sort of) with Daddy, and went down close to the edge of the water.  The waves were noisy and a little scary, so La La stayed close to Daddy until she knew it was safe if she stayed on the dry part of the beach. 

La La found something interesting on the beach.  She picked it up and showed it to Daddy.  She told Daddy what it was, over and over again, but Daddy didn’t quite understand what La La was saying because she was holding a seashell and Daddy knew she had never found shells at the beach before, so La La didn’t know the word "shell", but slowly he realized that was exactly what she was saying.  "Shell?  Shell?  Shell?" La La asked.

DSC_2456 "That’s right!" Daddy replied, "That’s a shell!"  La La was pleased and carried the shell in her hand, until she wanted to pick up her ball again.  Then Daddy remembered where La La learned the word shell, it was six months ago at Yia Yia’s wedding, where she poured sand from a seashell into a heart-shaped bowl with all the guests at the wedding, to symbolize the merging of our lives going forward.  Daddy was amazed that La La remembered something from so long ago that she only saw that day.

"Ball?  Ball?"  La La asked Daddy, while pointing out towards the ocean.  Daddy looked on the ground in the direction La La was pointing, but he didn’t see La La’s blue ball over there.  He soon found it behind them and showed it to La La.  Again she pointed to the ocean and said "Ball?  Ball?" 

This time Daddy looked all the way out to where La La was pointing, and then he saw what La La saw.  It was the building that housed the Spruce Goose!  It’s a round topped building that looks just like a ball.  Daddy picked La La up and showed her the building and told her it was a house for an airplane.  La La looked puzzled, but said, "House?"

"Yes, that’s right, house!" Daddy replied.  La La was happy and ran around some more and found another shell and brought it to Daddy. 

"Shell? Shell?" La La asked. 

"That’s right!" Daddy replied, "That’s a shell!"

La La looked at the ocean for a minute, then pointed to the water with the shell in her hand.  "House?" she asked. 

Daddy was puzzled this time, until he realized that La La was telling Daddy that the shell lived in the ocean, it was the shell’s house. 

"That’s right!" Daddy replied, "The ocean is the shell’s house!"

La La was happy and ran around some more with her ball and her shell and her Daddy, and they played and ran away from the scary waves and then La La had a snack and took a nap.

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