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Jul 20

La La flies her kite

It was so hot on Saturday.   I did not want to cook, so we went out for Sushi.  La La had tuna roll, tons of edamame, and the rice from a tuna sushi.  She took a bite of Caterpillar roll, but did not like it. (I don’t blame her, it was Daddy’s roll, not mine. )  She also liked the ginger, which surprised me.

On the way home, we decided to go out for ice cream (froyo, really) and head up to Signal Hill where it should at least be breezy and cooler than our house that was so still and muggy.

La La was so excited for ice cream, and got it all over herself, but it was fun anyway. We have wipes!

Then, when I finished my froyo, I broke out the kite and it took right off.  There was plenty of wind, like we hoped,  and it even got a bit chilly a few times.  We let Brobee fly for a while and a little girl came over to ask if she could have the kite.  I told her to ask her mom or dad to get her a kite and then we could both have kites.  (No, kid, you can’t have La La’s kite.)

After a while, we packed up the kite and headed back home for books and bed.  We put the fan on and tried to stay cool for the night, and snuggled without moving too much so we wouldn’t get sweaty again.