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no deer.

Jun 13

Dear La La,

As we lay down for sleep, you wanted a “mommy minute” before I put you in your crib, like you do most nights.

And like you do most nights, you did your lala-robics where you climb all over the bed and all over me if I let you. Then you snuggle under my arm and move around some more singing little songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or it’s variations: Baa Baa Black Sheep, ABC’s, Rainbow Rain(you made that one up yourself!).

Tonight though, I didn’t recognize the melody of the song you were singing… right away. After a few minutes, I started hearing words poke through the toddler-speak. “…no deer… i love you… take away… mr. sun…” What in the world?

So I kept listening and realized that you were singing “You are my sunshine” in your own little way and it made me squeeze you extra tight and sing along.

You must have learned the song at day care, because I hardly ever sing it, since I only know the chorus and get bored when the song doesn’t change up a bit.

That was about the sweetest end for a day that had some pretty big ups and downs.

Ended up, my baby.

Love, Mummy.

Sleepy La La


Jun 04

This morning, we were rushed as usual.  I was rushing to get my lunchbox packed, so I put La La’s shoes on the coffee table and asked her to put them on, fully expecting to have her spend a few minutes futzing around and then when I was done with my lunchbox I would go into the living room and put her shoes on for her.
Well, I got a great surprise when she came into the kitchen wearing one shoe (the right one on the right foot even!) all velcroed closed and everything.  She brought me the left for help opening it so she could put it on.  I opened the velcro and gave it back to her and watched her put it on too.

Such a big girl!

Here’s some photos from the end of the day with La La showing off how strong she is on the trapeeze in the backyard.

eta: server issues, no photo upload right now.

edited again:  lost that photo, so here’s a different one.

La La climbs her wall

Surfer La La

Jun 02




La La had her last swimming lesson a few weeks ago, so I had Daddy take the camera and take some photos of her in the pool, in case I need to convince her in the future that she likes it and not to be afraid.  (We are in the afraid of things phase, I guess). 

As we were heading out to the car, he snapped this photo, and I thought it looked so cute, like a surfer pose. 

So, I had to do it:



I know, wicked silly, and I don’t have the mad Photoshop skills, but I’m working on learning!

We are so excited that it’s coming up on Summer around here!