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No more.

Feb 24

La La is home sick today with conjunctivitis.  She is bored, bored, bored and we have watched all of the episodes of Yo!  Gabba Gabba that we have saved on the DVR.  I’m about to see if there any on-demand episodes we haven’t seen lately. 

Earlier, we were watching the episode called "Weather" and in it, Paul Williams sings "Rainbow Connection" in a really trippy sequence.  When it started, La La started saying "No more. No more. No more. …" until I finally skipped ahead to the end of the song. 

My girl has good taste!


Feb 21

It was a beautiful Saturday.  Mummy had gone to L.A. for the day, leaving La La home with Daddy, who thought it was a good day for the beach.  The previous week had been rainy and cold and La La had been cooped up for a few days at school, so this would give her a chance to run around. 

La La had just rediscovered her ball, a blue super bouncy clear ball, and Daddy thought she would love to bring the ball to the beach too. 

At the beach, La La ran around a lot, tossed the ball back and forth (sort of) with Daddy, and went down close to the edge of the water.  The waves were noisy and a little scary, so La La stayed close to Daddy until she knew it was safe if she stayed on the dry part of the beach. 

La La found something interesting on the beach.  She picked it up and showed it to Daddy.  She told Daddy what it was, over and over again, but Daddy didn’t quite understand what La La was saying because she was holding a seashell and Daddy knew she had never found shells at the beach before, so La La didn’t know the word "shell", but slowly he realized that was exactly what she was saying.  "Shell?  Shell?  Shell?" La La asked.

DSC_2456 "That’s right!" Daddy replied, "That’s a shell!"  La La was pleased and carried the shell in her hand, until she wanted to pick up her ball again.  Then Daddy remembered where La La learned the word shell, it was six months ago at Yia Yia’s wedding, where she poured sand from a seashell into a heart-shaped bowl with all the guests at the wedding, to symbolize the merging of our lives going forward.  Daddy was amazed that La La remembered something from so long ago that she only saw that day.

"Ball?  Ball?"  La La asked Daddy, while pointing out towards the ocean.  Daddy looked on the ground in the direction La La was pointing, but he didn’t see La La’s blue ball over there.  He soon found it behind them and showed it to La La.  Again she pointed to the ocean and said "Ball?  Ball?" 

This time Daddy looked all the way out to where La La was pointing, and then he saw what La La saw.  It was the building that housed the Spruce Goose!  It’s a round topped building that looks just like a ball.  Daddy picked La La up and showed her the building and told her it was a house for an airplane.  La La looked puzzled, but said, "House?"

"Yes, that’s right, house!" Daddy replied.  La La was happy and ran around some more and found another shell and brought it to Daddy. 

"Shell? Shell?" La La asked. 

"That’s right!" Daddy replied, "That’s a shell!"

La La looked at the ocean for a minute, then pointed to the water with the shell in her hand.  "House?" she asked. 

Daddy was puzzled this time, until he realized that La La was telling Daddy that the shell lived in the ocean, it was the shell’s house. 

"That’s right!" Daddy replied, "The ocean is the shell’s house!"

La La was happy and ran around some more with her ball and her shell and her Daddy, and they played and ran away from the scary waves and then La La had a snack and took a nap.

A letter to La La from your Mummy

Feb 07

Dear La La,

I thought you’d like to know a little about your 17 month old self.  You love yogurt.  Now that you are no longer allergic to dairy, you have been enjoying "yay-yoa-t" almost every day.    You usually start the day with a banana and a strawberry fruit bar, or some blueberries, which are your favorite berries.  You also like raspberries and blackberries, just not as much as blueberries.  You also love watermelon.  You once bit into a valentine’s cake that you must have thought was watermelon because you spit it right out, before reconsidering and taking another bite. 


We had pierogies and spinach for dinner the other night, and I thought you’d like the pierogies because they are doughy and you love pasta, but you actually liked the spinach more, and ate all of it and didn’t eat the pierogies.  You are such a funny little bug. 

For the past week or so, you seemed to be on a milk strike.  You would not drink your milk, or you would take a sip and spit it out.  I think you wanted apple juice, but we don’t have juice in the house, so you went on strike.  Your teacher said you were drinking milk at school, but you sure weren’t drinking enough and none at home.  I’m glad you changed your mind, because mummy and daddy were worried about you.  We want you to be big and strong, and you have to drink milk for that. 

Today, we went out for sushi and you had beef yaki soba and a California roll and fruit cocktail and lots of milk.  You enjoyed the noodles for a little while, but were distracted by the fruit and the dragon on your cup. 

Right now, you have a big mark on your forehead.  Do you know how it got there?  You were sitting in the shopping cart that YiaYia got you for Christmas.  Even though mummy told you not to climb into it, you didn’t listen.  You tipped it over not once, but twice, landing on your face both times.  You have climbed in again since then, so I don’t think you remember that you hurt yourself already. 


We love you so much and don’t want to stifle your desire to explore every thing you can get your hands on, but at the same time, we don’t want you to hurt yourself.  You love climbing and being "up", even when we tell you to get down. You also love being upside-down, or flying in the air when your daddy throws you.   You are so independent that sometimes we have to keep ourselves from laughing as you try to do something and get so frustrated when you have trouble.  I love that you keep trying, and that you accept when you are offered help. 


You love purple.  You always pick out purple clothes to wear, you always pick the purple crayon, and you love to point out the purple cars on the drive home from work each day.  You point and say "purplecar" very matter-of-fact-ly as we pass the same cars each day and you spot ones you like.  You also like to point out white trucks which you see lots of each day.

You like to go in mummy’s purse or up on the table to grab our iPhones.  You put them to your ear and say "hello."  We want you to put the phone down gently, but we also want to laugh because your are so funny when you say "hello.", you sound so serious.   


Your vocabulary grows by the day.  Recent words are "no" and "mine".  I guess we knew those two words would show up, but we were hoping for a little more time without them.  You are also stringing words together in a way that makes sense, which is pretty cool.  Like "purplecar" or "white socks" or "my daddy" or "no more".  But you still say things that make us ponder… "applebapplehappyapple" and "mummadaddy" and the newest one, "daddamummy".  Daddy has been known as "papa", "dada", "daddy", and now "mummadaddy".  Or lately, "my daddy".  But suddenly, mumma has become "daddamummy"!  We are hopeful that you will become less confused as time goes on, and will settle down to a single name for each of us. 

We love you so much, and love seeing what each new day will bring.


Mummy and Daddy