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Happy New Year

Jan 17

We went to the beach for a few hours and La La had the whole beach to herself. 


Then Daddy joined her for some flying.


It was a beautiful day, we could see all the way to Catalina and L.A. which is pretty rare lately with the way it gets smoggy at the port of Long Beach.  But it was about 70 degrees, so we enjoyed ourselves. 

Now it’s two weeks later and we are gearing up for a big storm.  The last storm that was as bad as what they are predicting was in 1998, when La La’s Daddy and I were still dating, and we were living in San Diego.  We were meeting friends at Disneyland and we had planned it for a few months, and they were driving out from AZ.  When we got to Orange County, we found a major road was closed, the 5 at the El Toro Y!  We had to make our way in a place we’d never been on surface streets.  Luckily, I had a Thomas Guide that was only 10 years out of date.  We did end up making it, and there were no lines for most of the rides, and we had a great time with our friends. 

Maybe it will be that bad again, and our commute will be nice and light since no one can make it north of the Y?

Christmas – the first real one.

Jan 14

We decided to stay home Christmas day, then spend the next day in San Diego with Yia Yia and the cousins, so we decided to get a tree.  We got a small table-top tree that fit on top of the table that Yia Yia gave us a few years ago.

Earlier in the week, Grampy came by with a couple of boxes of Christmas
ornaments that he had been saving for years. Since we had such a small
tree, we just used the kiddie looking ornaments along with a paper
chain that La La and I made the week before. I think next year we can
do a theme color with the colored glass ornaments, some of which are
really pretty. When La La is older, we can really go all out.
Christmas Fruit

I started making her stocking last year but finally finished it on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas morning, she reached in a pulled out a couple of books, some bubbles, an apple and an orange.  She LOVED the apple and wouldn’t put it down, even to open presents.  It was pretty funny, like she hadn’t eaten in days or something!
Christmas Apple
She got a collection of Yo Gabba Gabba dolls, some Little People, a Sesame Street remote control and a doll that I made for her.  Grammy sent some clothes and a cool fridge farm, which we put next to her french letters on the magnet board.  She also got a toy telephone, which she loves to play with and say “hello?”. 

Grampy and J came to spend the day and brought La La some great presents, including a toybox that Grampy made.  He brought a giant doll that speaks French so La La can learn the days of the week and colors and a few other words.

La La and J look at photos
Here she is with J looking at the pictures he took of her earlier in the day. 

Later in the day, La La was too excited to take a nap and got a little cranky.  All she wanted to do was get in her old book-toybox. 

La La in a box

The next day, at Yia Yia’s house, we had a late brunch and then opened presents. 
I made dolls for all the kids.  Here are the boys for Y and the bean:

Wee Wonderfuls as boys

and the girls for the princess, Mimi and La La. 

Wee Wonderfuls as girls

La La also received a shopping cart, a cooking set, a wind up car, and a baby doll and some blocks.  All in all, a pretty good first Christmas celebration. 


Jan 14

We spent Thanksgving at Kim & Adam’s and it was an incredible feast.  I brought some fruit; apples, pears, figs, grapes and pomegranate arils. I also made a tarte a l’ognion.  We started with the fruit and a ton of cheese, and Jess made her famous Deviled Eggs which disappeared instantly along with the onion tart.  

In the middle of everything, there was a bit of an accident with the potato chopping when David sliced a finger.  But he got bandaged up and was doing fine by dinner time. 

Then we had shrimp and scallops wrapped in prosciutto.  Then split pea soup.  There was butternut squash soup too, I think, but it showed up too late so we didn’t have that.  Then the main course was a deep-fried turkey, and smoked lamb.  I never would have thought that smoked lamb would be good, but it was really good.  We had three kinds of mashed potatoes; blue cheese, garlic and regular.  We had some greens that I forgot the name of.  We had candied yams.  Cranberry sauce.  I’m sure there was more, but I forget.

Then we had MiMi’s birthday cake.  She turned 1. For her gift, her parents requested donations to Feeding America, which we did.  

La La and the Ball

La La had a great time playing with her cousins, playing ball with daddy in the backyard, and trying lots of new foods.  She really liked the split pea soup.  And the fruit and the crackers, which are her favorite foods. 

It was really the best Thanksgiving I can remember, with all of us together and all contributing to the meal.  There was a little tension over the plans for Christmas, but we all rose above.  I think this year, between Facebook and the trips down to San Diego, we’ve really connected in a way that we haven’t been able to do since we all moved away from Rancho Bernardo.  It’s a pretty good thing!

Catching up again

Jan 13

I have moved to a new web host for a lot of reasons – one of which is that I’ve been trying to update this blog since thanksgiving with no luck! 

Anyway, before I get to thanksgivng, here’s halloween. 

Halloween Closeup

La La the Lion

At La La’s daycare, they had a costume parade where all the kids dressed up and the parents could come and watch the parade in the play yard. 

They parade by age, starting with the youngest who come out in cribs and in the arms of their caregivers.  Then the next group the toddlers, and they either walk holding a rope or are in a wagon.  La La gets so excited that she lets go of the rope and wanders off all the time, so she was in the wagon. 

Halloween Sad Face

As soon as she saw me, she started crying.  She wanted to be with mama!  So after she did a circuit in her wagon, I went and got her and we watched the rest of the kids parade around the playground, then visited with her friend who was still in the infant room at the time. 

Halloween Profile

On halloween night, we opened our door so the trick or treaters could come, and La La had a lot of fun watching the kids come to the door.  She was very excited and loved the costumes.  Between kids, she would look out the door, to see if anyone was coming. 

Halloween Waiting for Trick or Treaters

I think next year, she will be very interested in trick or treating, even if it’s just for a ride in her wagon all dressed up!


Jan 13