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Walking and flopping and sipping.

Jul 21

What we bought to help La La learn to walk on her own:

What La La actually uses to get around the living room:


That’s right, she has been pushing the coffee table around the living room instead of the girly stroller that we bought for her. She gets especially annoyed when she throws the placemats on the floor first, because when she stands on them, she can’t move the way she wants; they are very slippery. Last night she ended up doing a split with one foot on the floor and the other on a placemat. I would have grabbed the camera, but she was crying, so I grabbed her instead. :)
So that’s the walking. She’s doing great when supported, even walking with one hand holding Mum or Dad’s hand, and even one handed with the doll stroller, but no attempts yet by herself.

She is doing well standing on her own too, even dancing!  She’s got a new dance, instead of the up and down dance, she holds her hands together in front of her chest and twists left and right.  They had a music-man come to her day-care last week.  When I picked her up that afternoon, several of the staff mentioned how much fun La La had and how much she danced.  They thought she’d fall asleep easily that night.  Ha!  

But for the lack of trying to walk on her own, I blame her friend S from day care. S (that’s her on the right) has transitioned up to the next level at day care, leaving La La as the oldest in her class. Now she has no one to catch up to, and has stagnated a bit.
I just love this picture, it really makes me smile.  Anyway, La La is now the queen of all she surveys, and climbs up to the top of the foam structure in the room and directs the younger babies.  I wonder where she gets that from???

I’ve been trying to read more to La La before bed, but she’s really not very interested.  We usually end up making shadows on the wall across from the bed. She likes waving both her hands in the light even though only one makes a shadow because she is sitting on my chest with the light behind her left hand.  I make animals and she giggles and tries to look at the light instead of the wall. 

The other thing she’s been doing lately is what I like to call Mummy-flopping time.  We go to bed to try and get her to sleep.  She nurses a bit, then she starts flopping all over me.  Across my body, over my arms, by my side, then across me again, and over to my other side, and sometimes across my face or my neck.  I have no idea what she’s doing, but it seems to relax her because she eventually goes to sleep, usually with her head by my knees and her feet in my armpit.

I am so glad to say that I no longer have to wash bottles every night! La La has been using her sippy cup and doing well with it.  Over the weekend, I let her take sips from my drink using a straw and after a few surprises, she’s got the hang of it, so I’m going to get her a new sippy cup this weekend with a straw instead of the one she has now that’s almost like an off-center bottle nipple.  I think that makes the most sense anyway, since even as grown-ups, we use straws all the time. 

I’ve been making lists and trying not to overpack for our trip back east next month.  It’s going to be a mess bringing a stroller, a roller bag, and backpacks, etc on the plane, so I want to pack as light as possible.  I am planning to just bring enough for the first two days, then go shopping in NH for the rest of the trip.  Tax free!  I don’t mind checking my bag for the trip home, I just hate it on the way out since you always want your own stuff when you get to your destination.  Plus, if I buy too much, I’ll ship it home with the yarn I’m planning to buy.  We don’t have much wool in SoCal, so I’m hoping to find good stock in NH. 

I spy

Jul 19

I spy

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Jul 17


look ma, no hands!

Ok, wow that worked really well, so I’m going to keep going. Here’s a
photo from my first Mother’s Day, when we went out for pancakes.

She really liked the pancakes and has been quite fearless with food,
which is mostly wonderful. I say mostly, because she’s a bit of a
snack-bandit at day care, helping herself to eveyone else’s food!

But it alo means I can give her anything and she’ll try it. She still
doesn’t really like avocado and gets bored with the same food over and
over, but she can really surprise me.

She seems to really like garlic. I made her a garlicky chicken stew a
few weeks back and she was smacking her lips and saying “mmmm” a lot
and ate it all up. Just this week I made pesto with walnuts, basil,
garlic and parmasean. I was a little nervous about the cheese, but
decided to give her a little and just watch to see if she broke out.
No hives, and she ate all the noodles I gave her, plus a few more. She
had the lefovers for lunch yesterday with some chicken, and day care
mentioned that she loved her lunch! Go La La, go La La.

We spent Independence Day down in San Diego with the cousins for a
birthday bash. We celebrated Bean’s first from May, the Princess’s
fourth from June, Y’s fourth from July, and La La’s first from
August. We won’t get together until after the summer, so we just had
a big party at Yia Yia’s house.

We got superhero pj’s for the four year oldsters and they were a big
hit. In fact, Y took his shirt right off to don the batman shirt with
utility belt and cape. The Princess soon followed with her Supergirl
shirt and cape.

La La got a great bead puzzle (is that what you call them?) but she
hasn’t figured out how to use it yet. She just sort of lifts it up and
bangs it on the floor for now. Thank you floor mats for saving my
hardwood floors! She also got a puzzle with big wooden pieces, some
bathtime paint, and a polka-dot dress. Auntie J made La La a busy book
with lots of ideas of fun and crafty play for a one year old which
will be so much fun. La La loves her crafts! She’ll be painting today
at day-care, and I’m sure she’ll love it like always.

Here I go

Jul 17

hereigo.jpgWe have taken La La on two small trips in the past few weeks, trying
to get her ready for the big trip in August when we will be going back
east. She’s done very well on both trips, and was well behaved on the
plane and in the airport. Phew!!

I have to admit, I was worried, because when she’s unhappy, she can be
a handfull.

I’m trying a new way of posting via Flikr. If it works, I’ll be able
to do this more often.