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We’re on the move

Mar 28

In the last few days, La La has been moving and grooving.

Here’s a little photo-montage I made of her heading to the kitchen today. 

She was exploring, as you can see, and she picked up the edge of the carpet.  She made it pretty far, considering one of her pant-legs was covering her foot so she only had traction on one side. 

Some time yesterday, she figured out two important new things – how to sit herself up, and how to go forward.  Oh, and she also took off her own pants so she could move better. 

In fact, she was so excited yesterday to be on the move, she snatched a graham cracker out of the hand of one of the older (11 months, I think) girls in her day care!  This is the same girl who was making La La so frustrated because she was more advanced and La La couldn’t do what she could do.  She’s got someone to drive her to progress.

Clearly, manners are next on the list of things to teach La La!

Now we are in for it.  We’ve got to plug the outlets, move the chemicals up above the fridge, move the plastic bags out of the bottom drawer to somewhere safe, dry- and wet-mop more often (you wouldn’t believe how dusty a house gets just by being near an airport), and securing the cords of things we don’t want coming down on top of a baby that will be pulling herself up any week now, I’m sure. 

We already bought her a box (a gamer-cube) that is padded on all sides, to use as a toybox, thinking it would be a nice padded thing to use for pulling herself up.  I’m sure she will ignore it and use the overstuffed DVD or CD shelves instead, but at least we have a place for her toys at the end of the day.  I’ll have to find a couple of safety hinges for the lid soon, as she is pretty darn strong.   

I guess we are going to need a trip to IKEA some time soon.

Today, she had some egg yolk with her oatmeal and seemed to like it just fine.  Earlier in the week she had some tofu when we went out for Chinese food, it was the only thing on the menu that she had eaten before and I wasn’t ready to experiment.  They brought it out steamed and she didn’t really like it just plain like that.  She had it before with a little broth from my miso soup when we went to a favorite Sushi restaurant that has a delish cold tofu appetizer.  I just mashed up the cold tofu and added the miso broth to warm it up and she at a lot of it. 

So today, her papa and I had tofu salad and spicy tuna rolls for lunch, and La La was eyeing the salad with serious interest.  I saved a piece with no dressing on it and fed her using my chopsticks and she was enjoying it at first, but then she got bored, I think, so I mixed it with some sweet potato and she ate the whole thing.  She really likes sweet potatoes and I think she prefers the oatmeal to rice cereal now.  She eats rice at day care and oatmeal at home with some fruit at night and seems to really enjoy it.  It ends up more in her mouth than elsewhere now, which is real progress.  I think we’ll try carrots this week if they have organic ones, and I’m still on the lookout for english peas.  It’s spring, so they should start showing up any day now, I hope.   

Yay for La La!

Life at 6 Months.

Mar 21

At 6 months and one week, she had her checkup, and LaLa came in at 16 lb. 4 oz. and 26 inches tall.  She
has received another A+ from her pediatrician, who says she’s right
where she should be developmentally.  Her day care provider agrees,
saying that she’s doing great socially too.

She’s been having a ball doing artwork.  She made her papa and
a pillow for Valentine’s Day with her handprints on it.  Here she is
working hard on some more art projects.  (Yiayia should be proud!)

She’s been eating too.  So far, her choices are:

  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Tofu
  • Miso Soup
  • Peaches
  • Rice Cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Butternut Squash

The sweet potatoes are her favorite my miles.  Since the rice cereal messes with her digestion, she’s also had apple and pear juice to remedy that, uh, situation.  She’s even tried drinking water from a cup twice now.  It mostly ends up on her shirt, but she gets really excited when I am holding her and take a sip of a drink, and wants my drink, so I just put a little water in the bottom of a cup and she kind of chews the cup while tipping it in to her mouth.  It’s pretty funny.  I’ve been watching for English Peas in the market so she can try peas.  I like to buy them already shelled.  I’m making her food, but I’m not going to go as far as shelling peas.  

She’s been making friends and having a great time at day care.  I really like the staff and they seem to really like her, so everyone’s happy. 

Making Friends.jpg
She’s been sitting up!  It took her a while to be confident sitting up, but now she’s doing great!  She just this week started leaning forward from sitting up onto all fours.  She doesn’t always make it, but it’s so much fun watching her try and then check with me or her papa for our reaction when she falls, as if she’s asking, “should I be crying?”  If we don’t react, she just moves on!  It’s amazing watching her personality emerge day by day.   

Sitting Up.jpg
Today, we were on the couch and she slid down to the floor, standing up with her hands still on the couch.  She saw a toy of hers on the coffee table and let go with one hand and turned to see the toy better.  I thought she was going to go for it!  I am so not ready for that, we still need babyproof the house!  She didn’t end up going for it, but she did let go a few times and then look at me to see if it was ok.  I said “Good job” and she smiled. 

When she got tired, she sat down and started exploring the fringe on the carpet.  Right now, she’s looking over my shoulder at the photos and making excited noises at seeing her friends.  Papa is in her room lowering her crib to the bottom level now that she can sit up, since last Saturday, when he was shaving and had left LaLa in her crib with her mobile running, he heard a crunch and the music slowing down!  LaLa had grabbed one of the animals from the mobile and was trying to put it in her mouth. 

We are having so much fun!

Her dad and I are planning a trip to Maine this summer to attend a wedding, and will spend some time with my family if we can make the schedules work out.  It will be nice to show LaLa where I grew up, even if she won’t remember much.  I’m sure flying will be a challenge, but she’s a good kid, so we’ll be OK.