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Feb 08

La La is a little over 5 months old.  She does some pretty cute things that I’d like to share.  One is that she does this little thing lately when she is nursing.  She’ll latch on, suck a little bit, then unlatch and sigh, almost to herself “La” and then latch back on really vigorously.  It’s such a riot, like she’s verifying to herself that she is in fact getting milk.  It really cracks me up. 

We’ve been trying to be consistent in using baby signs with her from the beginning, especially for milk, or La as she likes to call it.  But we also do change, diaper, and more.  They say you shouldn’t bother teaching the baby signs until six months, because babies younger than that can’t process it, and maybe that’s true in general, but not for La La.

For more than a month now, she’s been really trying hard to make her right hand do what she can already do with her left hand, which is to make a fist with her thumb sticking out.  I’ve watched her wake up in the morning, because this is when she spends the most time practicing, and really concentrate on her right hand, even using her left hand to try and open and close her hand with her thumb out.  She finally got it down about a week ago, and I started noticing that she does it now a lot.  She’ll be sitting with me on the couch and will open and close her hand so that her nails scrape the canvas-like fabric and make a ‘skritch-skritch’ sound.  At first, I thought she was just doing it to make the sound, but now I’m not so sure. 


Since I’ve gone back to work, she’s been waking up more often in the night, so that even though she starts out in her crib, by 2 AM she’s in bed with me.  For about a week now, I’ve noticed that she makes the same skritching sound against the bedsheets if she isn’t close enough to touch me, but if she is close enough to touch me, she opens and closes her hand against me, whether it’s my back or my breast, before she resorts to crying to try and get my attention.  If I don’t get it, next she’ll almost whisper “La”, and if I’m still not awake, a much louder “LA” which usually gets my attention. 

Today was an interesting day.  La La woke up in a very talkative mood for a few minutes, then got very intense.  She looked me in the eyes, then looked at her hands and made the sign for milk, then looked me in the eyes again, then put her hands on my breast and made the sign again.  It was so amazing, she repeated it again a few times to make sure that I understood her, and I did, and she smiled so big!  It was like we had this amazing communication moment and she knew that we both understood each other, even though it’s only over this one thing that we already pretty much understood already.  But we both knew that we both got it, and it was a great moment.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

When we got up, I made her some rice cereal, this time with some breastmilk instead of formula, and she ate it all and had no hives or any adverse reaction at all.  Makes me wonder what’s in that formula that made her have such a reaction.  It had turned the whole side of her face red, even in her left eye, the white had turned red.  So, I guess if I give her formula again, it will have to be soy-based.  I’ll try some on her next weekend after I’m sure the reaction is completely gone. 

I also gave her a taste of banana today, just a little pinch off my banana on my fingertip.  I bought some organic banana for her, but it won’t be ripe for a few days, which should be just in time because you are really supposed to wait a few days between new foods.  But she was pretending to eat while I was eating a banana today, so I gave her a little taste.  She wanted more but I didn’t want to go crazy on her first real day of eating new food. 

I also picked up some avocado, butternut squash and sweet potatoes and have already cooked and frozen the squash and potato into little cubes so when she’s ready for these new foods, I will only have to heat them up.  How exciting, she’s in for a whole new world of flavors over the next few weeks.  Pretty soon she’ll be ordering her own sushi instead of tasting miso soup off the end of my chopsticks.   I can’t wait!    

Time flies…

Feb 07

So much has happened and I’ve had no time to write!
2008 Collage.jpg
Christmas was a blast, we went down to San Diego to Jessica and David’s and had a great time visiting with the princess who showed us her fabulous purple outfits she got for Christmas, and the Bean was very generous with his toys so LaLa had lots of stuff to play with.  LaLa received lots of clothes which she is about to just now start wearing, as she is reaching he limits of the 3-6 month size clothes.  She especially liked the monkey that cousin Y and her new baby cousin gave her.

At her four months checkup, she weighed in at 15 lb 2 oz and 25.5 in long.  I thought her jammies were straining a bit, and it’s true, she’s getting too tall for them. 

LaLa at four months old, being a bit of a daredevil! 

I started back at work on the first week of January and it’s been quite hard to be a mom and work at the same time.  Keeping up with pumping enough milk for an active infant hasn’t been easy, and being back at work with mommy-brain doesn’t help.  Plus, that first week was killer, I missed her so much during the day, and by the time we get home it’s almost bed time, and we are all exhausted.  

lalafeb095.jpgShe started day care when I returned to work, and she’s doing great.  She had no trouble fitting in after several visits in the weeks before so she could meet some of the other kids and caregivers.  She’s been doing all kinds of cool stuff like finger painting, and even has a little boyfriend!  No, not really, but she does have a little friend who is two months younger, and he arrives at about the same time each day as LaLa does, so they became fast friends, even holding hands one morning, so cute!

She even got her first day-care illness already out of the way when she came down with RSV after being there a week.  She had to be put on the same medication I take for my asthma, which was pretty scary, but her case was pretty mild and the cough went away by the end of the week, even though the doctor said it could linger for several weeks.  She seems fine now that’s out of the way, and has been teething off and on for the past few weeks. 

On the weekends, we like to take a walk on the great paved path on the beach with LaLa in her stroller.  We took her once in the sling, but it’s a long walk and I got too tired so we’ve gone back to the stroller for now.  Just today, we went for a walk on Signal Hill because it was such a clear day after a stormy night and we could see all the way to LA and beyond today. 
She sat up for the first time today in the stroller without the infant carrier, and she seemed to like it just fine, she was looking all around.  On the way back it got a bit windy and she didn’t like it as much, so I picked her up and wrapped her inside my sweater with me for the rest of the walk, and she was warm and comfy. 

Thumbnail image for lalafeb093.jpg

LaLa has been really moving lately, so much that she’s getting a little skinnier than she was before when she wasn’t able to move.  She’s scooting backwards now, since her arms are stronger than her legs for now.  She moves around in a circle, and rocks on her hands when there is good music to dance to.  Daddy put her down last Saturday, and when he looked back up at her, she had almost scooted to the front door.  Maybe she was making a break for it?
Since she’s been moving so much, she’s been getting hungry at night.  I was used to her sleeping through the night since she was two months old, but lately she wakes up to eat at least once per night, and then again just before it’s time to get up.  Plus, she watches mum and dad eat and even imitates us by watching and then moving her hand up to her mouth and making movements as if she were chewing. 

I thought I’d try and give her some food to see if she is ready to eat from a spoon, so last Thursday, I gave her a little greek yogurt and she ate like a champ, even grabbing the spoon and pulling it to her mouth for more.  She had a few spoonfuls before she suddenly realized it was too tangy and she couldn’t handle it anymore.  First, she did a little wiggy-willies dance and blinked her eyes, then she would open her mouth for more, so I gave her some more, and finally I stopped because she really didn’t look like she was enjoying it anymore. 

But since she did so well with the spoon, I thought I’d give her some cereal, so we went and bought some today.  I didn’t have any breastmilk thawed, so I made a stupid mistake and opened up one of the cans of formula that I got in the mail before LaLa was born.  I mixed up a couple of ounces according to the directions, then mixed that with the rice cereal and offered it to her. 

As you can see in the photo, something didn’t agree with her, and it’s probably the formula because it’s just rice cereal otherwise.  I made the stupid mistake of introducing two new things at the same time, and now I don’t know which one caused the reaction. 

If it’s the formula, I’m so glad I didn’t follow the advice of her caregivers who suggested I mix some formula with her breastmilk to extend it, since I’ve been blowing through my freezer stash.  That might have been a disaster!  So I’m going to try the cereal tomorrow mixed with water only, just to make sure it’s not the cereal causing the hives-like reaction.

Well, that’s enough for now.  I’m going to try doing more frequent Tweet-like updates instead of delaying posting until I have time to upload photos and everything.   I’m sure there is more I wanted to write about, but just forgot.