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Dec 10

We’ve had a busy few weeks!  For Thanksgiving, we went to San Diego to
have dinner with Yiayia and Michael, and La La sat up in a booster
chair at the table while we enjoyed dinner.  The turkey was excellent, as well as the rest of the meal.  We went for a walk around the block after dinner, then Michael had to head back to Long Beach.  We had hoped to see the cousins for dessert, but their dinner started later than ours and time ran out so we didn’t get to see them. 

Then we stayed at the
Rancho Bernardo Inn in a beautiful room (they’ve remodeled since last
time we were there) and La La was just fine.  We had asked for a crib
in the room, and they supplied one, but I forgot to mention that she’s
so young and they sent a crib for an older baby, one in which I would not
be able to place her down on the mattress without dropping her!  So,
she slept on the bed with me.  After nursing her to sleep, she woke and
seemed like she still wanted to suck, so I gave her a pacifier.  She
was sucking away and suddenly started to gag (she takes after me a lot,
this one!) and up came the whole feeding in the most
projectile-projectile spit up I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Uh, housekeeping
I had to get new sheets, pillowcases, and the mattress pad changed. 
Whoops!  Then she was awake for a few more hours, and not even hungry
or grumpy about losing her evening feeding.  After a couple of hours, I
fed her again and she went down for the night.  Of course, Papa placed
every single extra pillow in the room on the floor next to the bed,
sure that she would do a back flip or something and end up on the
floor.  (Now that she’s rolled over, he’s not so crazy.)  I thought, if
she did roll off the bed, she’d suffocate in the pile of pillows and it
would be better to take them away.  We’ll have to have that debate
again next time.  I don’t think she moved an inch once she fell asleep, so we didn’t have to worry. 

The next day, we went to see the new baby,
M, born the day before Thanksgiving.  She was already heading home on
Friday, so we waited and stopped in for a quick visit before heading back home.  M is adorable.  Her eyes are already looking brown.  She was 7 lbs  and since La La was never that small, she felt so tiny in my arms.  I held her for a few minutes and when she opened her eyes, oh my gosh, she looks just like her mother.  I was so overwhelmed, I forgot to take pictures.  Doh!  

On Sunday, we went to the Farmer’s Market again, this time with La La in the new sling I made, and she seemed to be enjoying herself.  The apple guy thought she was a year old, even though she was 3 months old that day. 

End of an Era

Dec 10

The era of leaving La La alone on elevated surfaces is over.  I
suspected that she could roll over on her own yesterday when I left her
on the bed while I jumped in the shower and found her on her tummy when
I returned, but today, I actually saw her roll over onto her tummy. 
She seemed fine with it, not even doing the little “Eh, eh, eh” whining
that she does when I put her down on her tummy.   After a while though,
she did start complaining, so I put her back on her back to play with
her monkey again. 

La La is three months old now.  She’s such a funny little bug -here she is mugging it up for the camera.