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Out and about

Nov 24

We went to the farmer’s market on Sunday, and La La wore her crocheted cap, made by Sandra, who also made her a matching blanket, a sweater and a bib. 
She’s looking towards Papa while he takes the photo, but is getting tired of the camera, I think.  I forgot the diaper bag when we went out earlier, and had carefully packed the camera in the diaper bag, so we had to do a re-enactment for the photo above!

When we were at the  market, we got lots of compliments and “cute baby” comments, just like last time.  While we were out, we also visited the craft fair that was near the farmer’s market.  It’s amazing that these craft fairs are all the same.  Same stuff, different decade. 

Then we went for a walk on the beach pathway, and once again La La slept through it, except that I wasn’t paying attention to the clock and realized while we were halfway out that she would wake up hungry real soon.  We booked it back to the car and made it just in time; she only was in the whiney-i-don’t-wanna-wake-up phase most of the way back to the car.   I fed her in the car for the second time this weekend, but without my Hooter Hider, so I had to do the old fashioned way with receiving blanket.  I’m glad I at least grabbed one of them for the car!

On Saturday, we had gone for a drive and she got hungry, so we pulled over and I fed her in the car.  She was watching some men decorating trees in the parking lot and snuggling with Papa in this photo, while I got myself back together.  I sure am glad I’m not using formula, because forgetting the diaper bag could really ruin your day.   I’ve got an emergency kit of diapers and wipes, etc. in the car, but breastfeeding is so handy as long as she’s with me.  
At the end of a long, busy day, looking tired.  Developmentally, this week, La La is starting to play with toys, finally!  She has had a playmat since we brought her home from the hospital, and we put her down for tummy time and then on her back to play with the overhead objects, but she has never been interested in them.

I try a few times a week to see if she’s ready yet, but so far, nothing much, until this weekend.  I got down on the floor with her for tummy time, and she smiled and was curious about a rattle-y walrus, and just today, when she was on her back, she spent at least 30 minutes smiling and talking to the monkey dangling by her head.  She even reached up to pull on him and make him rattle, which is the thing I’ve been trying to get her to do the whole time. 

It’s starting to get more fun around here, now we get to play with toys!

Watching Mommy cook is BORING

Nov 24


13 Weeks

Nov 16

La La turned 13 Weeks old today. Here are some photos from this week.
She’s wearing the hat I made for her on Friday. (Pattern info here.)
Another photo from the Moose shots yesterday.
I just loved her expression in this one, she’s concentrating on moving the birdy so the music will play and the lights will flash.

Moose Update

Nov 15

To see La La’s progress, we decided to take a picture each month with the same object, so it’s easy to compare. 

Thumbnail image for Month_1.jpg

Here she is at 1 month old.

Thumbnail image for Month_2.jpg
And now a little late in the month, but at 2 months old.  I forgot to do it 2 weeks ago when she turned 2 months old, so next month might not be as big a change.  She’s wearing a new outfit, sent by her Grandma. 

Mommy milestones

Nov 07

When La La was born, her daddy bought a bunch of things that he thought she would like because we thought maybe she was bored. One was a bouncy seat with an interactive arch over the top, and the other was a mobile for her crib. She’s been pretty indifferent about both the whole time, sometimes even downright hostile, crying and howling.

A few days ago, she started interacting with the bouncy seat. It has a bird and monkey hanging beneath, and if you push them far enough, it sets off the lights and music. She’s been playing with it for a few days, and laughing and smiling at it.
The mobile has always been upsetting to her too. She’d cry and not even open her eyes when I turned it on, so I just haven’t been using it. But today she seemed in a good mood, so I thought I’d try again, especially since she’s been playing with the bouncy seat.

It plays music for 15 minutes (5 min each of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart) while the colorful animals go round and round; a horse, a cow and a donkey. I put her down this morning, turned it on, and she smiled! I waited a minute or so to see if she’d get upset, and she didn’t cry, she actually looked like she was enjoying it!

I immediately got undressed and started the shower. I usually get a few minutes in and she starts crying, but today, she was fine to be alone with the mobile. I even got to condition my hair for a change (it’s been weeks since I’ve been able to condition my hair).
When I got out of the shower, she was still smiling, and talking to the mobile. Wow! I got to dry myself off and get dressed too! When the music stopped, I snuck in and turned it on again.

She was actually anticipating the next animal to come around and would turn her head waiting for it. Then she’d track it until it went too far, then back to her right again looking for the next one.
When the music finished the second time, she was still talking to the animals, so I turned it on again. This time, she only made it a few minutes, and then she’d had enough. That’s OK, she did so good, I can’t wait to see if she has a new interest in some of her other toys.

Mommy is so proud; she got to take a whole shower!

P.S.  Yeah, La La is wearing cousin Y’s hand me down jammies.  Thanks Y!

Most clever gift

Nov 03

I don’t have family close by, and I was so worried about being a new mother without much support, but I was so wrong about that. 

I received the most clever gift from my stitch n’ beach pals:  a phone book with all of their numbers in it with an invitation to call for help whenever needed.  So far I haven’t had to make the call yet, but just knowing there is a whole list of women close by and ready to help has made the first few months of motherhood so much easier. 

red hot.jpg

Just last week I took La La to our weekly dinner and meetup.  When she got fussy, I had a queue of volunteers offering to hold her, walk her around the table, show her the boats outside the window.  It’s so great having that kind of support, that I have no qualms about taking her with me to the meetings.  She’s been to several meetings since she was three weeks old, I think.  (Already lost track of time!) 

The best gift is the friendship I have with these wonderful women.  They all come from different life, economic, work, family, and creative experiences so there is always something to learn, from a good place to find toys not made in China, to where to get a good burger in Long Beach, to the best position to burp La La and breastfeeding tips from La Leche League members who also knit.   Never mind just having a place to be with some grownups and give Papa some time with La La to bond in their own way.  

Friendship… the most clever gift.

2 month checkup

Nov 01

La La in Green SweaterLa La had her 2 months checkup yesterday and got an A+ from her doctor.  She is now 24 inches long, which explains why she doesn’t fit in her co-sleeper anymore!  She is now 12 lbs. 7.5 oz, so we had to remove the insert from her carseat today. 

Since she got some immunizations yesterday, she’s been a bit grumpy today, but has mostly slept.  In fact, we went for a walk on the beach and she missed the whole thing!  It started raining just as we got back to the car, which was lucky.  When we got home, the backyard was a bit flooded, so we must have had a pretty good downpour.  She missed her first lightning storm.  Hopefully the next one will come when it’s not naptime.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to the farmer’s market and see how she does in either papa’s baby bjorn-type carrier, or my sling while we shop for veggies.

The above photo was taken last week, and she is wearing a sweater that was a gift from my friend Marlyn who made it especially for La La.  Thanks Marlyn!

I plan to show off the great gifts she received from my stitch n’ beach pals over the next few posts.